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LCWAIKIKI Stores' Periodic Maintenance

We are Periodic and Preventive Service Provider for LCWaikiki stores as sub-contractor in Tangier, Tetouan and Layoune. As well as, we are handling the preventive maintenance in many stores. Moreover, we have experienced as part of Technical Teams for the same services for more than 500 stores in TURKIYE. We are one of the main contractors in MOROCCO.

Espresso Lab's Technical Service Provider

As a sub-contractor, we have provided technical service in TURKIYE.

Govermental Buildings' Fit-Out and Renovation

We have been in part of fit-out and renovation projects for Governmental Projects such as Embassy Buildings abroad.

Manuafacturing Plant HVAC System Installation

We installed HVAC system in manufacturing plant in MOROCCO. Moreover, we are handling the preventive and periodic maintenance for the same factory.

US Air Base Plant Maintenance in Incirlik, TURKIYE

Our Technicians have great experience with the US Air Base Residentials’ mechanical and electrical system installation and maintenance in TURKIYE. We are one of the trusted sub-contractor company by US in TURKIYE.

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